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Benchguard® Advanced offers the ultimate bench protection for laboratories, hospitals, surgeries and other clinical environments where high absorbency and sterile surface protection is required.

It is a cost effective, quality absorbent. Available in various sizes and in roll or sheet format.

  • Highly absorbent cellulose fabric
  • Protects laboratory benches and other surfaces from spillage
  • Polyethylene layer reisitant to MOST chemicals, which ensures a barrier to contain fluids
  • Polyethylene can be written on to identify products or samples
  • Lightweight, and soft to the touch, making it malleable, flexible and easy to work with
  • Unique adhesive edge, which allows users to fix directly to the work surface. Providing a secured work station.
  • Sheets are quickly positioined and easily removed with no marks left
  • Strong and tear resistant even when wet.
  • Once used, providing it can be disposed of, can be composted
  • Or the clean composition means it can be incinerated
  • Packed and protected in comprehensive wallets for sheets, or boxes for rolls.

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